Abstract submission opens: April 1, 9 A.M. PST

Abstract submission closes: April 22, 9 P.M. PST

Do not begin submission process before reading submission instructions and guideliness.

Abstract Submission Form

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Audio Visual Terms and Conditions: Presentations should be developed using a program compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. Presenters are asked to bring their PowerPoint presentations during morning check-in (7:30 AM – 9:00 AM) on a memory stick. The auditorium will be equipped with a projector, screen, and podium microphone. No additional audio visual equipment will be provided for presenters. For special presentation requests or questions, please contact George Daghlian at gdaghlia@caltech.edu. Please check the box to indicate your acceptance of FCTF's 2018 Presenter's Audio Visual Terms and Conditions.

Audio Visual Terms and Conditions

Speaker Terms and Conditions: I agree to allow my presentation to be audio recorded and live broadcasted online. Moreover, I will allow the presentation to be posted on the FCTF website. I agree to allow FCTF to print my abstract, bio, and headshot in the conference handbook. I understand that my photo may be taken during the conference and agree that it may be used by the FCTF for reporting on or promoting the FCTF.  I agree to the terms and conditions as presented here for all FCTF 2018 Conference Speakers. I understand that in order to be able to participate as a speaker, I must agree to the audio visual terms and conditions. Please check the box to indicate your acceptance of FCTF's 2018 Speaker Terms and Conditions. If you feel you cannot accept these terms and conditions, please contact George Daghlian at gdaghlia@caltech.edu. 

Speaker Terms and Conditions

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