What if...

We believe that in every student lies a future researcher. An emergency physician. A teacher. Every great scientist begins his or her career by taking a look around and asking themselves the simple question: what if?

That's why we started the Outreach Project: to work directly with middle and high school students in the local LA and SoCal area to help students start asking big questions, and encourage them to consider careers and opportunities in the sciences. Previous outreach excursions have featured

  • Hands-on DNA extraction from strawberries

  • PyMOL demonstrations on visualizing protein structures

  • Presentations on undergraduate research projects

  • General college Q&A sessions

If you're interested in having us in your classroom, please contact program coordinator Jessica Ye:


      jye at caltech dot edu

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Conduct hands-on experiments that top researchers perform on a daily basis.


Discover the research opportunities in the basic sciences as they pertain to saving human lives.


Learn about MEDLIFE's involvement with medicine and premed opportunities in high school and college.


Network with current Caltech students to help prepare for the unique college academic landscape.

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