Tech in Medicine

2nd Annual

MEDLIFE Seminar Series

a snapshot into healthtech

by students. for students.

Student Speakers

hear current Caltech students talk about up-and-coming technologies and learn how to make an impact in medicine


discover real student journeys in science and experiences during high school, applying to colleges, and beyond 

Speaker Schedule

Sun, 10/25

Sun, 11/1

Sun, 11/8

Sun, 11/15

Sun, 11/22

Sun, 11/29





Machine Learning in Medicine

Navigating Medicine: MCAT

Pipelines of the Human Body

Using Flies for Medicine

A Day in the Life (Virtual)

Advancements in Hardware

Gene Editing: CRISPR/Cas9

Big Data: Neural Networks


Who are these talks for?

Anyone interested in tech in medicine! No prior knowledge is expected or required. Attendance is free!

How many talks can I attend?

As many as you like! Register above and you'll receive notifications and invitations to every talk in these seminar series.

How long is each talk?

About 60 minutes.

What topics are discussed?

Each talk focuses about motivations and recent advancements in a particular field of medicine. The talk ends with an informal q&a where students can ask the presenter any questions about his or her path into science.


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